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What's Going Around

Common Cold
Colds are caused by viruses and are usually self-limiting. Most children will experience many colds in the first 2 years of life and often seem to get one right after another, especially in the winter months. Symptoms... more

Croup is commonly caused by a viral infection. Unlike other viral upper respiratory infections, croup creates a swelling in the airway. This swelling can be mild, causing a “'hoarse”' voice, or may be more severe, causing a “'barky”' cough and high-pitched breathing. Symptoms... more

Ear Infection
Middle ear infections (acute otitis media) are among the most common childhood illnesses. Children will commonly develop fluid in the middle ear when they have colds, allergies or upper respiratory infections. Viruses and bacteria can infect this fluid after several days...more

Sore Throat
Viruses are among the most common causes of sore throat. Viruses can cause inflammation and infection of the throat directly, thereby causing discomfort...more