MAIN: 859.236.1080      AFTER HOURS: 859.239.1000      BILLING: 859.236.7046   


What are your hours?
Our phone nurses answer the telephone starting at 7:30am Monday through Friday. A phone nurse will take your call until 7pm during the week. Appointments generally start at 8:00am. On Saturdays, a phone nurse will be available starting at 7:30am as well. Saturday appointments are for sick children only and start at 9:00am, lasting until all patients for that day are seen. We are currently closed on Sundays.

How do I reach a provider when the office is closed?
Our providers (doctors and nurse practitioners) provide 24-7 phone coverage in the event of after-hour concerns/questions. When the office is closed, please call the Ephraim McDowell Hospital operator at 859-239-1000 and ask for Danville Pediatrics. A provider will then be paged to your phone number and will return your call within one hour.

How are appointments scheduled?
Traditionally, we have had an open-schedule policy which has made us more available for same-day sick appointments. We are now transitioning to a model where patients will be encouraged to specify which provider they would like to see, and attempts will be made to keep patients with the provider of their choice for subsequent visits to the office. By so doing, we hope to foster better continuity of care between patients and their caregiver.

What type of problems do you see in the office?
We see the spectrum of routine illnesses on a daily basis. We also have daily appointments available for well babies/children, from birth through adolescence, and on into the college years. This includes well baby visits, preschool and school exams, sports exams, foster care exams, camp physicals and other general physicals. Our providers perform the initial evaluation and subsequent management of patients with ADHD. We also see children with chronic medical problems and help manage their general health concerns alongside their subspecialty care.

Where do I park at your office when I have an appointment?
Parking is available along the street in front of our building. Parking is also available in the lot to the immediate west of our office, between our office and the ophthalmology office.

How long will I wait to be seen after arriving at your office?
Most patients will be seen by a provider within one-half hour of arrival in the office. Arriving at, or shortly before, your scheduled appointment time, helps facilitate timely patient flow. On busy days, wait times can approach one hour and occasionally longer. As with any pediatrician's office, Mondays are our busiest days, and wintertime waits will be longer than during warmer months.

What is your policy if I am late for my appointment?
If you are 15 minutes late (or more), you will likely be asked to reschedule your appointment. If you must reschedule a booked appointment, we request you call as soon as you know your appointment time cannot be kept. If you know you will be late for an upcoming appointment, calling in advance will allow our staff to work with you and try to reschedule you as soon as possible. Our policy on missed appointments is that 3 "no-show" appointments is grounds for patient dismissal from the practice.

What other services are available in your building?
We have the following specialists who maintain hours within our building: 
Allergist (twice monthly)
Pediatric cardiologist (twice weekly)
Pediatric dentist

Do you draw your own labs and perform your own x-rays?
Currently, any bloodwork that needs to be performed, and any x-rays that are requested, are done at Ephraim McDowell Hospital which is conveniently located across the street from our office.