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Common Illness

Common Cold
Colds are caused by viruses and are usually self-limiting. Most children will experience many colds in the first 2 years of life and often seem to get one right after another, especially in the winter months. Symptoms... more

Croup is commonly caused by a viral infection. Unlike other viral upper respiratory infections, croup creates a swelling in the airway. This swelling can be mild, causing a “'hoarse”' voice, or may be more severe, causing a “'barky”' cough and high-pitched breathing. Symptoms... more

Ear Infection
Middle ear infections (acute otitis media) are among the most common childhood illnesses. Children will commonly develop fluid in the middle ear when they have colds, allergies or upper respiratory infections. Viruses and bacteria can infect this fluid after several days...more

Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease
Hand-foot-mouth disease, also sometimes called herpangina, is a common childhood illness consisting of mouth sores, fever and a rash. Caused by coxsackievirus, hand-foot-mouth disease is a benign, short-lived viral infection. Most cases...more

Symptoms of mono usually begin to appear 4-7 weeks after infection with the virus and include sore throat and high fever. Fatigue, or extreme tiredness, is one of the more well-known symptoms of mono. Other symptoms include...more

Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
Pertussis is a very contagious disease caused by bacteria called Bordetella pertussis. Among vaccine-preventable diseases, pertussis is one of the most commonly occurring in the U.S...more

Pneumonia is a general term that refers to an infection of the lungs, which can be caused by a variety of microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria, and less commonly fungi and parasites...more

Ringworm is a skin infection caused by a fungus. It is not caused by a worm. The types of fungi (pleural of fungus) that cause ringworm grow best in warm, moist areas...more

More commonly referred to as a sinus infection, sinusitis is inflammation and usually infection of the sinuses. Our sinuses are air spaces within the bones of the face surrounding the nose...more

Sore Throat
Viruses are among the most common causes of sore throat. Viruses can cause inflammation and infection of the throat directly, thereby causing discomfort...more

Strep Throat
Strep throat is a bacterial infection of the throat and is most common in children between the ages of 5 and 15. It is unusual in children before age 3. Strep throat is most common...more

Urinary Tract Infection
Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are less common in infants and children than in adolescents and young adults and are more common in girls than in boys. UTIs are sometimes difficult to diagnose in infants and young children...more